The TrioHoyer-Trio Berlin


The Hoyer-Trio Berlin
is a chamber music ensemble in a unique instrumentation: The combination of violin, violoncello and double bass is characterised by a warm and voluminous sound, similar to a full-featured orchestra.

This special instrumentation is not a recent discovery. In fact, this type of string trio has been appreciated by composers for more than 300 years. Well- known and anonymous masters of the 17th and 18th century as well as contemporary composers have been inspired to create innumerable pieces with a distinctive, glamourous sound.

The Hoyer-Trio Berlin was established in summer 1993. Since then Klaus Hoyer (violin), Uta Lindemann (violoncello) and Karsten Lauke (double bass) have been collaborating and performing continuously in concert.
The three young musicians have performed often at  the “Konzerthaus Berlin”. Several concerts were also performed during the course of the “Brandenburger Musiktage” festival and at the music academy of Rheinsberg. Even the German Federal President and the governing mayor of Berlin have been listening to the Hoyer-Trio. The ensemble was introduced to the general public in a “Radio Kultur” live broadcast in August, 1998.

The comprehensive repertoire of this ensemble  - reflecting the whole spectrum of musical history - consists of musical rarities, collected from Europe’s note archives, and new compositions, some of them especially written for the Hoyer-Trio. (Several world premieres were launched: Among others, compositions by Jacek Rabinski, Erich Hartmann, Peter Koeszeghy, Thomas Henning, Heiner Frauendorf and Dieter Brauer.)

Concertgoers enjoy a grandiose listening experience through the Trio’s diversified programme, their orchestral sound and, last but not least, the enthusiasm of the musicians.

© Hoyer-Trio Berlin

Hoyer-Trio Berlin: String trio with a gentle but also voluminous sound. - Three young musicians perform collected original works of 4 centuries, written for violin, violoncello and double bass.

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